The March

«Sparta - Thermopylae»

The Epic March 

Description: Epic March on the route that the ancient Spartans followed, in the year 480 B.C. to stem the Persian onslaught to Europe and thus, change world History.

Time: is to be announced later on                           Subscription is closed

General Characteristics:

Total Distance: 378 kilometres running on rural roads. Details for the terrain are shown   by clicking MARCH ROUTE MAP (at the bottom of this page).

Duration: 8 consecutive daily ETAPE’s, under any weather conditions.

Restrictions: Mandatory distance per day as described in each ETAPE specifically.

Altitude: Total accumulated ascents 4.233 meters and descents 4.410 meters. Maximum crossing altitude, 1240 meters.Details, in the daily schedule of the race.

Weather conditions: Normally fine for this period (spring season).

Overnight stay: In Hotels at villages on the axis of the route.

Nutrition: Breakfast and Dinner at the accommodation places.

Supplies: During the entire march, fluids and snacks will be available along with constant support (medical, pharmaceutical etc.) for the safe conduct of the race.

Updates: Continuous, in matters concerning the course of the rmarch as well as historical and geographical information.

Awards/Memorabilia: All athletes that will successfully finish the march will receive a special textbook regarding the march and the historical events of the particular period (480 B.C.), accompanied by a special commemorative medal

Participation: men and women runners over 18 years of age in excellent health and physical condition.

  • Participants agree to and accept the Organizers’ Terms and Conditions, as described in detail in the MARCH CALENDAR. Participants also agree to follow the Organizers’ guidance during the race.
  • A participation fee per athlete, is to be charged (specific amount is shown in the pricelist table), including all expenses and other dedicated facilities offered within Greece, during the march and in purpose of it.








Name of  program
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Terms of Payment
"300 of Sparta
  Epic March"
Subscription is closed
40% upon registration
and the remaining 60%
2 months before starting day




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